Become a Volunteer!

Would you like to volunteer at Blessed Dayz Adult Day Program?

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 for more information on how to get started.


Volunteer Position Description


To provide assistance with planned activities and provide companionship for those who attend Adult Day Care

Duties and Responsibilities

Take seriously the commitment to provide companionship

Treat our participants with respect and dignity

Respect the privacy of those you help

Follow all Adult Day Care policy and procedures for volunteers

Being a volunteer might include:

Playing games

One-on-one activities

Listing to music


Writing letters

Playing a musical instrument

Helping with cook-outs/outings

Cleaning counters and tables

Washing dishes

Sanitizing surfaces

Gathering trash


A genuine desire to serve


Ability to work with people from different backgrounds

Tolerant of physical and mental disabilities


Personal growth and satisfaction

Satisfaction of helping those in need through friendship and support